FIFA World Cup 2018 Song Lyrics

By | June 15, 2018

FIFA World Cup 2018 song lyrics: FIFA World Cup championship theme songs are the songs which are officially adopted to be used as warm-ups for the event, also to accompany the championships during the tournament event and as a mark of tournament reminder of the events as well as for various advertising plans leading for the World Cup, giving the singers extraordinary universal world coverage and making them famous.

FIFA World Cup 2018 Song Lyrics

We are very close to FIFA World Cup 2018, it is less than few weeks left to go for FIFA world cup 2018. After the FIFA Confederations Cup 2017, this is the second next big tournament which Russia will be hosting soon. Football’s biggest Fiesta is about to arrive and football lovers from all around the world are excited. To maximize the excitement of the fans or football lovers, the official theme song of the FIFA World Cup 2018 song released. The FIFA World Cup 2018 song lyrics- ‘We Are Racists’ touches the heart of all his fans. It portrays the reality of Russia as well as charges up for the Football season.The theme song of FIFA World Cup 2018 is released around one or two months ago the tournament, which means it will be released in between April or May.

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FIFA World Cup 2018 Theme Song

It was informed by Russian Football Union (RFU) that the song ‘We Are Racists’ was written by a football band “hooligans”. The song was composed and co-produced by them only and all the racist elements are taken from within the society. We all have a brief idea that what a hard time Russia has been through when racism was spreading it’s arms in the country.The title of the song which reflects the whole culture of football in the country in a well-managed way.The hosts of the FIFA world cup every time brings something new, special and different social topic to the table. The last world cup was hosted by Brazil and it was completely based on the infectious samba atmosphere and in 2010 FIFA World Cup was however hosted by South Africa with an iconic theme song- “Waka Waka” by Shakira, that was one of the most entertaining World Cup tournaments. We have not forgot it because of South Africa’s warm hospitality and obviously, the vuvuzelas.

World Cup 2018 Song Lyrics

Most probably the 2018 FIFA World Cup which is hosted by Russia will be about monkey chants and racism. We have already got a brief knowledge about the racism by the FIFA World Cup 2018 song lyrics. Casual racism on and off the field will put in a lot to the game.

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The Russian officials have given surety about the fact that the FIFA World Cup 2018 song lyrics will be fully based on racism. The theme song will be featuring the same monkey chants which were directed by Emmanuel Frimpong.

It is assured that the FIFA World Cup 2018 song lyrics will be easy to sing along. The FIFA World Cup 2018 song lyrics is in Russian and the title is in English. However, they still claim that the Non-Russian speakers will be able to sing the song along, quite easily.

FIFA World Cup 2018 Song Lyrics
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